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Introducing LogicLoop AI Helper Suite


At LogicLoop, we exist to make operations data work harder than operations people. Working with hundreds of users has taught us that user experience comes first, and that for every person at a company that can write production-level SQL rules today, there are three that want to.

Writing and debugging SQL queries from scratch can be painful and only accessible to the technical few, and efforts can be so disjoint that the business does not have a cohesive idea of what operational risks are covered and which still need automated rules to be written.

So, I'm thrilled to introduce LogicLoop's latest innovation, the LogicLoop AI Helper Suite. It's a series of mini-tools designed to help you generate, fix and explain SQL queries and find new trends in your data.

Beta users have been reporting 5x reduction in time to write and debug SQL queries, and increased self-serve ability for business users. This is just the beginning of our AI capabilities, and we cannot wait to innovate on more ways to make your business operations as data-driven as they can be.

So if you're ready to take your data analysis to the next level, I invite you to try out the LogicLoop AI Helper suite today. Book a 15 min call with us to get started!

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