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LogicLoop partners with Snowflake to Enable Data-Driven Operations


Today we’re delighted to announce that LogicLoop has joined the Snowflake Partner Network.

Our partnership started last year with several customers asking to monitor their Snowflake data platform. Soon, we had several public joint customers like Workstream, Balance, Delta Defense, AtoB, which come from verticals spanning B2B SaaS, ecommerce, and financial services. We believed there was an opportunity to strengthen our existing partnership—a feeling that was shared by the Snowflake team.

"❄️ Snowflake is delighted to have LogicLoop join the Snowflake Partner Network. Their mission to empower operations teams to put their data in action aligns perfectly to Snowflake customer needs, making them an important addition to our partner ecosystem."
— Snowflake Partnership Team
LogicLoop x Snowflake

How Snowflake Enabled Data-Driven Operations

Data has become central to operations across different industries like fintech, marketplaces, healthcare etc. Whether its dynamically adjusting pricing to current demand and supply for marketplaces, flagging suspicious user activity, or alerting when customers hit key milestones, data is important in making these decisions.

However, running SQL scripts to constantly monitor business operations on your production database would overwhelm analytical workloads, which restricted how many checks were actually possible - until Snowflake came along.

Without Snowflake's MPP architecture, business monitoring would not be computationally or financially feasible. Snowflake's data platform has provided the technical foundation to enable data-driven business operations.

Examples of Snowflake alerts

LogicLoop and Snowflake

Snowflake has made it easier than ever for operations teams to use data to make critical business decisions. It's more important now than ever, that this data be put into action easily, through timely alerts and automations.

Using LogicLoop together with Snowflake, operations and data teams can power critical use cases with confidence. They can sleep well at night knowing they will be the first to uncover any business or data issues proactively. Not only that, this builds a culture of reliability.

Having a central operations control panel is an important and ongoing journey that can start today. As with category-defining tools like dbt, Looker, and Fivetran, Snowflake customers can get started with LogicLoop within minutes. Together, we aim to help every operations and data team make their data work harder than their people.

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