How fleet & fuel card fintech AtoB runs risk and growth operations with LogicLoop

​The need for LogicLoop with growth

AtoB is a fast-growing fleet management and fuel card product that allows their customers to issue cards to their employees. Fueled by customer growth and increased risk, they were looking to establish their Risk Analytics and Operations team and make them independent of Engineering. 

How AtoB uses LogicLoop

AtoB started using LogicLoop on the Fraud, Compliance and Risk side, and then expanded into Customer Success and Onboarding Operations as they grew, reduced their workforce and stared consolidating vendors in response to the 2023 environment. Now, they have 40+ users writing 200+ rules across different functions.

Some of the workflows in which AtoB Risk Team has found LogicLoop valuable are: 

Onboarding Risk

Recently, several fintechs were affected by a rise in onboarding fraud. AtoB wanted to implement a series of stringent checks that did not keep good users away, and were able to quickly iterate towards the best signals that reduced false positives while keeping bad actors at bay.

  • Where onboarding data between providers does not match for KYC
  • Duplicated emails, phone numbers and signup information

Ongoing Fraud Risk

First party fraud has also been on the rise, so it was important that AtoB could very quickly detect and put an automatic rule in place to thwart suspicious ongoing activity. Some of the most common ongoing checks across fintechs like these are:

  • Velocity and high # outbound transfers 
  • Suspicious decline codes or merchants, including non-fuel spend
  • Too many bank accounts connected per customer 

Credit Risk

Credit collections is a big part of what generates the revenue for a business, and the risk team is incentivized to get ahead of customer behavior that's "slipping".

  • Failed payments, especially larger dues
  • Sustained negative balances
  • Sudden increase in credit risk, or a customer staying in a bad risk position for too long

Growth Operations

Since risk is truly an enabler for growth, some general workflows the AtoB team has benefitted from to keep risk and growth operations systems in sync with each other:

  • Onboarding qualified applicants as quickly as possible
  • Surfacing good customers at churn risk for customer success attention
  • Maintaining KPIs for indications of good user behavior, like SMS and auto-pays

Specific wins

Recently, several companies were hit by a fraud attack involving 30+ stolen credit cards. This triggered some LogicLoop alerts that ended up catching hundreds of thousands of dollars of attempted fraud.

Most helpful product features

AtoB has benefitted from every aspect of the LogicLoop platform, including:

  • Combining data from different sources
  • Setting up automated rules for suspicious activity
  • Creating and managing cases for review
  • Creating dashboards for important metrics and to investigate cases

Overall, the rapid expansion of LogicLoop inside AtoB has saved the engineering team hundreds of hours, and the operations team has improved compliance, fraud loss and customer growth metrics. 

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