Automating Recruiting Operations at Dover - Part 2

Automating Recruiting Operations with Dover’s Thomas Morris

“Without LogicLoop, it would take us several months to get automations onto the engineering roadmap. Now we can just unblock ourselves with just SQL. Our use cases for LogicLoop keep growing!”

Thomas Morris, BizOps Lead, first picked up LogicLoop at Dover. Thomas was responsible for not dropping the ball on the candidate experience, where the workflows were operationally complex. 

What kept him up at night was the thought that something would break without him realizing it. So, he self-taught SQL and started building dashboards for greater visibility. And yet, he found himself manually refreshing queries often, which led to errors and being more reactive rather than proactive. 

Thomas realized he could write rules in LogicLoop to help automate his increasingly complex job, and proactively alert on potential issues. Within his first month, he automated about 10 checks he was manually performing every day: 

  • Account disconnections and connection failures: Since Dover uses Slack, Front, Shortcut and emails to communicate with customers and candidates, it’s important to make sure that these systems continue to talk to each other without hiccups. 
  • Forbidden outreaches: Dover does not want to spam candidates who are on vacation or have paused their search, so they track and reduce those that slipped through. 
  • Bounce rates too high: Candidate emails can bounce for a variety of reasons including data quality, and Dover wants to keep those to a minimum. 

For these use cases, LogicLoop seamlessly read from Dover’s database and Google Sheets, and created Slack alerts and Shortcut tickets to review operational issues. Particularly, they used LogicLoop’s features around: deduplication, retries and rate limiting – all of which would be very hard to build into internal tools or simple scripts, even if engineers wrote them.  

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