Driving Growth at Dover - Part 1

Industry: B2B SaaS, Recruiting

Team Size: 80

LogicLoop Usage: ~1 Million rule runs/month in BizOps, Growth and Product Operations

Backed by Y Combinator and Founders Fund, Dover helps companies simplify and scale up their recruiting processes. Today, Dover has 200+ customers and they use LogicLoop as their primary operations tool.

Processes that drove initial growth created challenges for scale

Around the time Dover raised their Series A, their customer base was growing rapidly. They faced a problem common among companies in hypergrowth: how to delight all these new customers without 10x'ing headcount or overburdening existing teams.

At the same time, engineering could only prioritize a subset of automating business operations needs since they had to focus on building the product. Internal tools were expensive to build and maintain. So, the default was to manually run operations. This posed a challenge for future growth.

Dover is now growing faster than ever before

Today, Dover has accelerated their growth by removing engineering from the critical path, and:

  • Reduced data silos, i.e. connected Airtable, Slack, Shortcut, product databases
  • Saved engineering and operations time,  32x ROI from a single rule alone
  • Caught operational errors proactively, i.e. before they became customer-facing

Dover runs nearly a million checks per month on LogicLoop, across every business function from Business Operations, Customer Success & Growth and Product Management.

To develop operational excellence, Dover had to first break free from doing manual work, involving engineers in ad-hoc requests and building operations tooling.

“LogicLoop is a big part of our EPD planning. Before we build any internal tools, we discuss whether LogicLoop can do it instead.” - Anvisha Pai, CTO at Dover

Mode and Zapier couldn’t bridge analytics and operations

In the early stages of Dover’s growth, analysts used Mode and business operations used Zapier to hack together workflows without engineers. Business Operations even taught themselves SQL to become self-sufficient. But they ran into some limitations without a bridge between data analytics and operational actions:

  • Export and import of data was challenging: Traditional BI tools like Mode, Looker, Metabase etc. are built for high-level metrics visualization, and not to export operations data. Even setting up a simple custom Slack alert was challenging. 
  • Engineering still had to be involved for any automation: Any business process that needed automation had to be prioritized by PMs and engineers. This meant that Dover was intentionally dropping projects that could help them grow faster because they were resource constrained by engineering.  
  • No scope for experimentation: Since engineering could only build top-priority automations, they’d have to be fleshed out well. This meant that the smallest of changes was subject to a whole sprint planning process, and there wasn’t scope for experimenting with new growth strategies. 

Why Dover deployed LogicLoop across all major functions

Anvisha Pai, CTO discovered LogicLoop as a potential solution to reduce the burden on her engineering team as well as provide BizOps with the tools they needed for greater independence. We set to work exploring the biggest pains across Business Operations, Growth and Product Management. 

Thomas Morris, BizOps wanted to ensure a good candidate experience and make sure no one was falling through the cracks. He self-taught SQL to work with dashboards, but found LogicLoop better able to create alerting around crucial and complex workflows. Within just a few days, he was able to build dynamic cross-platform ticketing and alerting for their Support team, saving the hours of engineering time and improving SLAs across the organization.

David Liao, Growth Ops Lead was in charge of keeping customers happy and engaged. But getting all account data in one place was a challenge. With LogicLoop, David was able to connect his Airtable CRM and product database to create outreach tickets without data engineers. He even saved a day per person per week by automating customer summary emails.

Sharon Yeh, Product Manager wanted to understand and optimize key customer journey points. Previously, she couldn’t prototype new touchpoints without involving engineers. With LogicLoop, she was able to predict churn signals, troubleshoot issues and fix the biggest blockers to growing Dover’s funnel. 

Dover is hiring across all roles! Check out opportunities here.

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