Driving Customer Success at Dover - Part 3

Accelerating Customer Success & Growth with Dover’s David Liao

“A single LogicLoop rule gave me 32x ROI: I was able to get my team the data they needed and save each person one a day a week, without engineers.”

David is a Growth Operations Lead at Dover. He is responsible to ensure Dover’s customers are happy and engaged. However, getting all account data in one place to get an accurate picture of a customer was a challenge. With LogicLoop, David was able to: 

  • Connect customer data from multiple sources into a single report: Airtable CRM and product usage data are combined via LogicLoop. David was able to automate the detection of critical customer events and generate tickets in their task management system, Shortcut, without needing data engineers. As Dover migrates to using Salesforce as their CRM, David can continue using LogicLoop to ensure Dover is building great relationships with their customers. 
  • Send summary emails to customer POCs: Dover needs to build great relationships with their customers. Providing periodic updates to customer POCs is critical. Instead of having Customer Success dedicate every Monday to generate bespoke updates with Mode, David created a single rule that automates report generation and email sending. Previously, they were planning to use Zapier but decided to use LogicLoop because this allowed them to seamlessly link their internal data sources and develop bespoke business rules that meet their objectives. 
  • Test new customer data points without Engineering: As Dover learns about what drives growth with customers, David wants to track those data in Dover’s database and rollout customer engagement features. Instead of reallocating engineering resources or waiting until next quarter’s product planning, David leveraged LogicLoop to ship v1 of the customer engagement features by treating Airtable as an extension of Dover’s product database. 

David delivered 32x returns by saving the Customer Success team collectively a day per week with a single account summary email to their customers.

Similar to any other fast-growing company, dedicating engineering resource to GTM efforts is difficult when engineering is busy building the main product. LogicLoop allowed David to create MVPs and iterate quickly without engineering resources. 

Dover is hiring across all roles! Check out opportunities here.

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