How Ula, Indonesia's largest B2B Marketplace runs operations with LogicLoop

The need for operations automation tooling

At 800 employees, Ula is Indonesia’s largest B2B marketplace. They help small retailers manage their working capital and stock better through technology, to improve their margins and grow their business. 

As their business expanded, Ula’s CTO Alan Wong, wanted his engineering team to focus on building the product. However, engineers would often be called in to support their growing operations, whether it was for tracking demand/supply, fighting fraud or engaging customers. Any new operations or product direction would cause a change in product roadmap or have to be treated as an engineering incident. This was not sustainable. 

Ula’s LogicLoop journey

Ula’s CTO started adopting LogicLoop as a single user, which spiraled quickly into setting up  250+ scheduled alerts across 50 users in Fraud, Delivery, Customer Growth, Warehouse Operations. Today, Ula uses LogicLoop to

* Catch delivery & order fraud

* Uphold customer & GMV metrics

* Set inventory alerts and reconcile demand/supply

How a general tool enabled a specific win

There was a fuel crisis in Indonesia in Feb 2022, and Ula saw fraud rates go up since customers started hoarding fuel. They were able to write rules in LogicLoop to check customer order histories multiple times a day. They were able to make changes in 30 mins instead of days it would otherwise take to implement a change like this. This alone was a huge ROI win for them, enabling them to maintain customer and regulator trust while not losing any money to fraud. 

Ula has been so happy with their usage that when their senior eng leader left to go to Nanovest, they became LogicLoop users as well. Check out our case study to learn more about how Nanovest runs crypto compliance and fraud with LogicLoop.

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