LogicLoop Powers Workstream's Customer Communication and Onboarding


Workstream is a smart people platform that enables businesses to hire hourly workers faster and retain them longer. Its platform helps companies manage the entire hiring process including posting jobs, screening applicants, scheduling interviews, and digitally onboarding new hires. Workstream’s mission is to empower the deskless economy with the technology it needs to hire and retain its workforce. 


As Workstream scaled, they started facing challenges in effectively communicating with their growing customer base. They needed to keep customers updated on their job postings, candidate applications and hiring process. They also wanted to provide personalized onboarding experiences to their customers, based on their unique needs and preferences.

The Growth & Scale team had access to their Snowflake data warehouse where all this customer information lived. But did not yet have the data-rich environment they needed to put this data into action. Fortunately they came across LogicLoop at the perfect time.

“I don’t know how we would have done it. We would have used more reverse ETLs and required more engineering buy-in, but that is really tough to get right now.”


“We needed to bridge the gap between internal data and custom triggers in our product and other tools – LogicLoop is core to that.”

Workstream found LogicLoop’s powerful automation and communication platform to be the perfect way to bridge the gap between internal data and personalized, timely product triggers.

LogicLoop offers a variety of features, including automated messaging, customer segmentation, and data analytics. With LogicLoop, Workstream was able to:

Personalize and Embed Onboarding

Workstream’s customers are successful when they can quickly and efficiently make the right hires. It was crucial for interviewers on the Workstream platform to have up-to-date calendars, so applicants can schedule their interviews. 

Workstream used LogicLoop’s data analytics capabilities to create a personalized onboarding experience, showing a guide to add calendar availability to interviewers who didn’t complete that step. Tens of thousands of interviewers received the instructions they needed, while not being bothered by the ones they didn’t need. 

Implementing LogicLoop was a huge success for the Growth and Scale team. Daily average hours of interview availability improved dramatically:

  • +500% for users who completed the guide
  • +70% for users who viewed the guide
  • Significant decline in users without interview availability

More interview availability translates to more interviews, which results in more hires. This improves customer satisfaction, retention and upsell, as well as improving sales for net new customers.

Target Customer Marketing 

As part of Workstream’s dedication to customer success, they wanted to keep customers  informed about the status of their job postings, candidate applications, and hiring process. 

LogicLoop enabled Workstream to automate their customer communication, by sending regular updates and notifications directly to their customers' email inboxes or mobile devices. 

This saved Workstream tens of thousands of hours of communications with customers, and directly reduced the pressure on the Engineering team to build automations. 


“Fun quarter working with LogicLoop, it helped our team prove its value and keep building cool stuff”

By implementing LogicLoop, Workstream saw significant improvements in their customer communication and onboarding processes. They gave customers personalized onboarding experiences and regular status updates, without relying on manual communication methods or engineering resources. 

Workstream took advantage of LogicLoop’s power and flexibility to add significant value to their operations.

Next Steps

Moving forward, Workstream and LogicLoop plan to expand their partnership. Workstream’s Growth and Marketing teams will be able to identify top customers to cross-sell and upsell to, generating additional revenue. They plan to have the Product team try experiments as well. 

Workstream will continue to improve their data access and customer reporting capabilities, gain a deeper understanding of their customer’s needs and deliver a superior customer experience. 

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