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👋 About LogicLoop

Hi, we're Jackie (founded Stripe Billing & 2nd-time founder of YC-backed co) and Jesika (#5 at Instabase). We started LogicLoop, a low-code platform to let operations teams write data triggers to monitor their own processes instead of waiting for engineers.

Our Seed was co-led by Accel & First Round Capital, with execs & founders at Brex, Quora, Plaid, Coinbase, Benchling, Oscar & more joining. We’re already helping fintechs fight fraud, marketplaces run logistics and health techs communicate with patients. And now, we're poised to scale go-to-market.

It’s a category creation opportunity, and a special time to join as business person #1.

💼 The Opportunity

You will be our most critical hire. As an extension of the founding team, you’ll work directly with the CEO on sales. It's a particularly exciting time to join:

  1. Product Market Fit: LogicLoop usage is growing and we're attracting larger logos, so you have a strong customer base to develop zero-to-one GTM strategy with and test your ideas.
  2. Green Pastures: LogicLoop is based on key insights from the best internal tools at the largest fintechs we saw, so we don't have many direct competitors. You'll be responsible for creating this category.
  3. Autonomy: We're a growing, fast-paced team and you'll work directly with the CEO on strategy and execution in a no-politics results-driven environment.

We're most interested in working with a motivated full-stack sales person. Some examples of what you'll do:

  1. Develop a keen understanding of the market: understand our domain, customers and tooling gaps to influence sales collateral
  2. Strategically fill the pipeline: from creative top-of-funnel ideas to named account outreach to optimizing trial conversion etc.
  3. Grow into working across the entire sales funnel: from outreach to discovery calls to closing

You’ll shape the foundation of sales here, and perhaps even have aspirations to start your own company.

🤝 Culture and Fit

LogicLoop has a strong culture of being impact-driven, and you'll be a great fit if:

  • You're an execution machine, e.g. you can develop and execute on a strategy to send out 100 cold emails a day, are politely relentless and find opportunities where others see excuses.
  • You're an excellent communicator, e.g. you gain the trust of our buyers, understand what they need and can persuade them.
  • You embrace metrics, e.g. you're no BS and impact-driven.
  • You're seasoned yet hungry, e.g. have 3-5 years of business development or sales experience at fast-growing startups and thrive in the hustle.
  • You're familiar selling technical products in a fast-paced environment.
  • Most importantly, you're a team player.
  • Preferred: you're familiar with fintechs and marketplaces.

🚀 Why now

We raised our Seed and are growing usage 2-3x every month with our early customers. Now we're looking to scale our early product-market fit. It’s an exciting time to work closely with the founders and play a pivotal role. Let’s make this a career defining opportunity. We can't wait to meet you.

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