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We're Jesika, CEO (previously #5 at Instabase) and Jackie, CTO (2nd time ex-YC founder & previously helped found Stripe’s Billing Team). We’ve felt the pain of scaling operations for the fastest-growing companies in the world. Now, we’re empowering operations teams to take control of their workflows with a powerful low-code tool instead of blocking on engineers. We have a world-class team from MIT, Stripe, Airbnb, Snap, Meta, and are backed by top VCs including Accel, First Round Capital, SV Angel, execs from Brex, Quora, Plaid, Coinbase, Benchling, Oscar & more.

💡 The opportunity

The past few years has seen an acceleration in some of the most important trends in business technology:

  • The rapid improvement of database and warehouse technology, and the ecosystem of data tooling surrounding it
  • The no-code/low-code movement, empowering non-technical and semi-technical users to build without engineers
  • The rise of crypto, web3 and non-traditional monetary systems

LogicLoop sits at the intersection of all three major trends. We enable operations teams to build their own workflows by setting up automations on top of company data without needing to wait on engineers. Fintech, marketplace, and healthtech customers are using LogicLoop to monitor fraud, logistics, user engagement and more. Non-traditional finance e.g. web3 is looking to LogicLoop for the flexibility traditional vendors in the space cannot provide. You'll have the opportunity to explore various industries, both new and old.

💼 The role

We’re looking for a full-stack engineer who thrives in fast-paced environments, wants to take ownership and can wear many hats. As an extension of our founding team, you’ll have the opportunity to shape product, infrastructure, culture and more. You will work across the stack on backend, frontend and systems. This could involve:

  • Launching new products and building new features in our web application
  • Re-architecting our systems to handle increased scale
  • Improving our user experience

We use React, Flask (Python), Postgres, Docker and AWS.

🤝 You're a good fit if

You’re a full-stack engineer with 2+ years of software experience in relevant technologies and an engineering or equivalent technical degree. More importantly, you’re hungry, eager to learn, and not afraid to get your hands dirty.

🚀 Why now

We're a seed-stage startup, so now is an exciting time to work closely with the founders and play a pivotal role in our journey. Let’s make this a career defining opportunity. We can't wait to meet you.

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