Pipedream Alternative

Pipedream Alternative

Looking for a Pipedream Alternative? Click here to get started with LogicLoop.

LogicLoop is one of the best alternatives to Pipedream for data-driven operations workflows. Integrate across various data sources and applications and automate manual workflows immediately. Increase your team's operating efficiency by 10x. No coding or engineers necessary.

A low-code no-code alternative - no engineers or developers needed

Pipedream is built for developers and requires engineers who are familiar with how an API works in order to operate it. LogicLoop is built for operations and business users who want to automate various internal workflows without needing to code. All you need to know is SQL and you can start integrating custom workflows today.

A Pipedream alternative for your own internal data

Pipedream is great at connecting events across different applications - for example, if a new Ticket is created in Trello, then send me a Slack notification. But what about events that are triggered by your own internal systems and not by external third party SaaS applications? For example, if a new user signs up on your platform, send them an onboarding email. Information about that user is likely stored in your company's own database or warehouse, not another third party application. LogicLoop allows you to trigger downstream integrations based on events triggered from your own company's database. Once the event is triggered, similar to Pipedream, you can have LogicLoop send an email, create a Slack alert, trigger a PagerDuty incident, create a Google Calendar event, create a ticket in Trello, call a webhook, etc.

LogicLoop can help you connect events from your Postgres datasource, MySQL, AWS RDS, Snowflake, Redshift, Athena, Dynamo DB, Big Query and more to downstream integrations like email, Slack, Mailchimp, Airtable, SMS, Google Sheets, Trello, Google Calendar, Hubspot, Google Forms, Stripe, and more. Click here for a list of our most popular integrations.

A Pipedream alternative for complex logic and automated workflows

Pipedream works for "if this then that" type of logic e.g. if a new response is submitted on Typeform, send a Slack message. But what if you want to express something more complex such as find all users on our platform growing at 10% week over week for the past 4 weeks and send them an upsell email if we haven't already? LogicLoop allows you to take advantage of the power of SQL in order to express however complex logic you need to capture the needs of your business. Additionally, LogicLoop allows you to chain together sequences of events from different data sources according to different logical conditions and branching patterns to capture the workflows that you need.

SOC2 compliant Pipedream alternative

LogicLoop is SOC2 Compliant and handles your data with the most stringent levels of care. SOC2 is a formal audit verifying that your organization treats data security and privacy policies with the highest standards of information compliance in the industry. You can read more about our security controls and program here.

Self-hosted Pipedream alternative (GDPR/PCI/HIPAA compliant)

LogicLoop with built with enterprise security in mind. We offer self-hosted on-premises deployment whereby you can deploy our services on your own cloud environment. That way you can remain GDPR, PCI, and HIPAA compliant. LogicLoop is packaged in Docker boxes and ships conveniently in the AWS ecosystem via AMIs. That way, the data never leaves your own systems and LogicLoop is essentially like your own company's internal tool. Sign up for a demo here if you wish to discuss the self-hosted option.

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