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A word from users

Product & Operations Manager
eCommerce Co
"LogicLoop helped us catch some critical alerts that would have been embarrassing had our customers found out before us."
Engineering Manager
Fintech Startup
"LogicLoop came out with a feature we were originally going to build internally and saved us months of engineering time."
Fintech startup
“LogicLoop's team is so responsive, it was easier for me to get a request fulfilled by them than my own engineering team!”
Product Operations
SaaS Co
“LogicLoop was refreshingly easy to set up. I was able to get my first Slack alert up and running in 15 minutes"
SaaS Co
“I was tired of operations team members continuously asking me to help them with simple automations. With LogicLoop they are now able to do it themselves.”
Risk Operations
Fintech Co
“We had an internal tool like LogicLoop at my old company and I'm so glad I was able to introduce LogicLoop to my new company as well"
Head of Data Science
Healthtech Co
“LogicLoop makes SQL even more powerful than it already is”
Business Operations
Recruiting tech
“We ended up using LogicLoop for a lot more processes than we initially thought!”
Fintech Startup
“When I heard about LogicLoop I immediately asked to be both a cutsomer and investor.”
Product Manager
Marketplace Co
“LogicLoop has saved our team so much time.”
User Engagement
Enterprise Co
"LogicLoop helped us stay engaged with our most active users, allowing us to take advantage upsell opportunities."
Business Operations
SaaS Startup
"If it were not for LogicLoop, I would have had to ask our engineers to build internal tools, which they would only be able to get to 6 months later, and even then they would probably end up deprioritizing it."
SaaS Startup
“Every once in a while you come across a tool and you're shocked that it doesn't already exist. LogicLoop is one of those tools.”
HR Tech Startup
“LogicLoop is super easy to setup and use. I wish we heard about them sooner.”
Data Scientist
SaaS Co
“LogicLoop is like data analytics on steroids. Not only do you get to analyze data, you can now directly set up alerts and automations on top of your data.”
Marketplace Startup
“LogicLoop is very well designed and composable, giving users the flexibility needed to express complex business logic.”
User Operations
Healthcare Startup
“I can't believe I used to manually look at dashboards and export data back and forth. LogicLoop makes this process so much more efficient.”
Head of Operations
Marketplace Startup
“I can see LogicLoop becoming a must-learn industry standard business operating tool in 5 years”
Data Analyst
Enterprise Co
"LogicLoop's team was super supportive and even helped me debug my own SQL queries”
Food Delivery Startup
“LogicLoop is like magic!”

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Got questions?


What counts as a rule run?
A rule run occurs whenever LogicLoop runs your rule. This can happen automatically when you set your rules to run on a schedule, or manually when you click "Run Rule Now". For example, let's say you have a rule that runs every hour to check if any new users signed up for your service, and if so, it will send your team a Slack notification with a list of all the new users. In a month, this rule will run 30 * 24 = 720 times. If you had two such rules running, you would incur a usage of 1440 rule runs. If you choose to run your rule less frequently, e.g. once per day, then in a given month that rule would only incur a usage of 30 rule runs.
What counts as an action triggered?
An action is triggered when your rule runs and calls an action. For example, let's say you have a rule that runs every day that returns 100 rows of data, and each day it sends out a single email with a CSV of all the data returned. Each email sent counts as one action, so in a given month you would incur 30 actions triggered total assuming 1 email is sent every day. Now, let's say that you configure your action to instead send out 100 different emails for each row of data returned. You would then be taking 100 actions/day = 3,000 actions total in that month.
Where can I find documentation on how to use LogicLoop?
You can view our full documentation, demo, and tutorials here. Also take a look at our FAQs and changelog.
How do I contact support?
Email hi@getlogicloop.com. We usually respond within 24 hours.
How long does it typically take to integrate LogicLoop?
Integration time depends on your particular data stack and needs, but fast-moving startups have gotten set up on LogicLoop in 15 minutes.

Privacy & Security

Will my data be secure in LogicLoop?
Yes, LogicLoop was built with enterprise grade security in mind. We are SOC2 Compliant and follow industry best practices. We work with many financial technology companies with extremely sensitive data. Our team hails from Stripe, Palantir, and MIT, where we've worked with the most sensitive data there is on the internet. Contact us if you'd like a full report about our data encryption, network security, and risk management policies.

How does LogicLoop handle my data?
Click here for an overview of our various deployment options. We don't store all your data directly on our servers. Instead, we make a connection request to your database and only retrieve the information that is needed. Results retrieved are temporarily stored in our encrypted AWS servers and deleted after 30 days.
What is your data sharing policy?
We don’t share/sell your data to any third parties.

Terms & Conditions

How does billing work?
We charge your credit card monthly via Stripe.
Can I cancel anytime?
You can cancel anytime before the start of your next billing cycle.

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